$1,000 $850 First Year Discount

Price includes all tournament entry fees, Training Camps, jersey, shorts, and backpack. Price does not include travel cost, meals/hotel (if required), basketball shoes, and other related expenses. 

DistinXion AAU does offer scholarship opportunities for players on free or reduced lunch or that have extenuating circumstances.

DistinXion AAU does offer a sibling discount for siblings in the program. The 2nd sibling is 10% off, and the 3rd sibling is 25% off.

DistinXion basketball is elite, affordable training.

2018 Women's aau Payment Schedule

                                   $250 (down payment)    --    Within two weeks of acceptance

                                   $200                                  --    February 15th

                                   $200                                  --    March 15th

                                   $200                                  --    April 15th