Positively Different Training

DistinXion AAU Players will have a number of training opportunities to improve both on and off the court. These include our unique Training Camps, weekly Regional Workouts, training and information sessions with Force Fitness, and our custom Core 5 take-home development progam.

Training Camps

“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That’s why we train so hard.”— United States Navy Seals

DistinXion AAU players will have 9 Training Camps throughout the summer. Training Camps will be held on non-tournament weekends and allow players to focus more on individual development both on and off the court. Training Camps will be an all day occasion that includes both on-court and off-court segments for players to experience.  

ON-Court Development Segments

Team Practice Session 1: This 90-minute practice will consist of light-contact drills heavily focused on individual and team development. Players will be put through an array of general and position-specific skill development drills, walk through offensive and defensive breakdowns, and dive into the DistinXion playbook. 

Fundamentals & Skill Development: In this 45-minute segment, players will be given time to work on the basic fundamentals of passing, dribbling, and shooting. Drills will progress from the most basic fundamentals into new and challenging concepts.

Force Fitness - At each Training Camp, players will also get to participate in a 30-minute session with certified Force Fitness trainers. These sessions consist of speed and agility work, strength training, jump training, and dynamic stretching exercises. Force Fitness will also use this time to provide knowledge on concepts like athlete nutrition, stress management for athletes, safety and form in the weight room, injury prevention, the importance of rest and sleep, etc.

Team Practice Session 2: This second 90-minute practice will be full-contact and heavily focused on competing. Players and teams will compete in a variety of half-court and full-court segments; getting the opportunity to learn and execute at game speed.

OFF-Court Classroom Segments

Team Meetings: This 30-minute segment will give teams and their coaches valuable time to dive into individual player goals, team goals, roles, and simply get to know each other. Team Meetings will also include guest speakers / info sessions to cover subjects like college preparation, professionalism, academics, NCAA recruitment regulations, and much more. 

Character & Leadership Sessions: These 30-minute segments will focus on providing valuable lessons to players about character, leadership, and what it looks like to develop in these areas both on and off the court. DistinXion AAU utilizes our "CHAMPIONS" curriculum which provides insightful lesson plans and conversations regarding character and leadership development for young athletes.

Chapel: This 30-minute segment will give players an opportunity each week to grow and be challenged in their faith. Over the course of the season, Chapels will consist of short devotionals, small group sessions, etc.

Film: This 30-minute segment will consist of watching film; from both our Training Camps / Tournaments and film from collegiate/NBA teams. This is a great opportunity for players to study our offensive sets and defensive schemes, as well as study fundamental offensive and defensive breakdowns.

Core 5

Core 5 is a custom-made, take-home development program designed to challenge players in all areas of their development - 7 days a week. The full Core 5 program is made available, but is optional, to all AAU athletes throughout the summer and consists of the following:

  • Skill Workouts: These skill workouts include weekly drills focused on ball handling, finishing, and shooting development. DistinXion also provides Skill Workout Trackers that give players the ability to record their scores/times; allowing them to track their improvements throughout the summer as well as compete against other players in the program while at home.
  • Weekly BBIQ Exercise: This weekly BBIQ exercise will usually be in the form of a 1-page worksheet. It’s aim will be to challenge players in their critical thinking skills as it relates to basketball; including things like analyzing game situations, scouting reports, basketball terminology, and the DistinXion playbook.
  • Weekly Devotionals: This weekly devotion guide will include 5 short daily devotionals -- one for each day of the week. Each week of devotions will have a theme from DistinXion’s CHAMPIONS acronym (character, honesty, attitude, etc.) and give players a daily opportunity to reflect on a Bible verse and how it relates to their personal life.
  • Force Fitness Materials: Force Fitness will also be providing weekly challenges/assignments for players that can include weekly nutrition tips, injury prevention / recovery tips, speed and agility workouts, mobility routines, and mental toughness advice.

Regional Weeknight Workouts

Starting the week of our first Training Camp and continuing throughout the summer, the DistinXion coaching staff will offer optional regional week-night training sessions that will be open to all AAU players. These 90-minute training sessions will be led by a certified DistinXion trainer. Each session will have a heavy focus on individual skill development, along with giving players the opportunity to compete against each other.

Locations for these regional training session are currently to-be-determined. Our goal is to strategically choose 2-3 host locations throughout Southern Indiana as to give every player an option within a reasonable distance.

Force Fitness

In partnership with Force Fitness, DistinXion AAU provides it's players with elite development in the areas of strength training, speed and agility, and nutrition. At a selected few Training Camps, DistinXion AAU players will get the opportunity to work with and learn from Force Fitness trainers in the areas of:

  • Strength training
  • Speed and agility training
  • Jump training
  • Technique, form, and safety in the weight room
  • Dynamic stretching 
  • Nutrition guide for basketball players
  • Improving flexibility and mobility
  • Stress management
  • Injury prevention for athletes
  • And much more...

To learn more about Force Fitness, please visit their website: Force Fitness.